Tom Segura, inquisitive comedian and pro podcaster, attempts to give us backstories for pictures that are truly worth thousands of words.

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33 Replies to “Late Show Backstories with Tom Segura

  1. Well that was boring… Tell you what… I'll do my own take on these.

    1. 0:07 Kim's perfect chance to show an American idiot his little rocket man is far more than he would have realized and may impose international danger to all of us when Orange clown's ego is being slightly cracked. That is of course, showing off his new stylized nuke button.

    2. 0:33 Prime example of regret, never let your friend listen to Tempa T's "Box on my head" song before leaving work when you know you both share the same bus ride home.

    3. 0:41 If you're not old enough to have plenty of medical aging issue, everyone in the waiting room will automatically assume know what your issue is. You should never confuse animal vet for senior clinic.

    4. 0:57 When your daughter get a better Christmas gift from you than your granddaughter did. You tried to explain to her about car loan and other legals form but she's not having any of that non-sense.

    5. 1:22 A rare photograph of the Florida Man ending up in the wrong state. The only real crime is not sticking around long enough to see what he'll do next and get arrested for it.

    6. 1:52 When Abortion wasn't an option and you can't take another day of changing diapers. You finally found a grey zone area of post-birth abortion and a use for the old dinner paper coaster from the 90's. Solving two birds with one stone.

    7. 2:21 After all those years spent in college and gaining $100k+ debt loan, this is the best you can do with your art education. You can never know where you're going with your life when you spent too much time rendering this.

  2. Dude just start the show again. Wr got Kimmel ocer here talking smack with a fucking loser ehich in turn makes Kimmel look like a fucking dope. The fuck Colbert. We get it Easter was Easter for a day. Lets get back to talking some real shit. Bill Maher can't do it all alone my son.

  3. Current events 3 weeks later. TV really doesn't get YouTube, does it? Love how people in corporate social media positions stopped using the internet with AOL 7.0 and blackberry messenger… 0/10 you can't take 1 week off and post 2 week old garbage related to news 3 weeks old.

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