Scared Silly my first stand-up comedy release in English. Recorded live in Copenhagen.

The show is about fear, and about how fear contorls us and is used to control us. I talk about islamophobia, the fear of failure, gud and muslims. And the fear of not fitting in.

Omar Marzouk is one of Denmark´s most acclaimed and outrageous comedians.
His unique ability to address touchy topics and turn them into hilarious comedy that appeals to an international audience is truly remarkable. His likeable stage-presence and between-the-lines reasoning unites all crowds, proving once again that despite cultural and ethnic differences, we are all the same.

We can laugh at the same things when they are presented in the way only Omar Marzouk can.
Throughout the years Omar Marzouk has delivered a number of great one man shows — ”Priests, Politicians and other Prophets”, “Circumsised” as well as “Afraid of fun”, just to mention a few — that have all received great reviews from both critics and audiences.

Omar Marzouk has performed at the Comedy Club in New York, at the Tel Aviv Camel Comedy and at the Club Comedy Store in London. Also, one of his jokes recently charted on Uk comedian Jimmy Caar´s top 10 list of ”Best jokes”.

Omar Marzouk is an absolute must-laugh experience!

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