got invited to do stand-up at a house show in between bands and it was real real fun. tried out some new jokes and old jokes. thanks to riley for letting me fuck around in his house (and sorry i didnt get any footy of ur band u guys were good)

music acts in order of appearance:
Dover and the Elevators
L.A. Dies
Casey Graham


32 Replies to “Tyler Bower Stand-up 9/28/2017

  1. Good jokes man, just work on your stage performance and the way you bring the jokes.
    It's easy for us viewers to find it funny because we know you man, we know your type of humor and it's easy to follow. But for people that are completely new to you, it might be a bit hard to understand. Or at least, that's what I think. Either way, I enjoyed it.

  2. I am friends with one of the people from the bands. They sent me this video saying "Yo, we played a show with this youtube comedian." I knew before I opened it that it was going to be you from your Bandcamp saying you were based in RVA. Nice dude.

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